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Some research by important sociologists whose work is vital in understanding sociology concepts.

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Sociologist's Research On The Family
Children are often viewed to be separate to adults.
Childhood is socially constructed.
In preindustrial times children as young as five were considered as adults. They were
considered equal to adults and played equal roles in society. They attributed
economically and even played sexual roles in society. The law even treated them as
During industrialization working class adults treated young children as "young adults".
They were treated as financial assets. Proof of this is that they were often found to be
working in mines and factories.
The middle class however were beginning to treat children more caringly. At this stage
paternal and martial love was developing, as with more disposable income and
isolation, as well as less working hours, families were spending more time together
and thus their relationships developed.
AfroCaribbean women are more likely to raise children alone due to what is referred
to as "modern individualism". They are more likely to be hired than AfroCaribbean
men which means that men are more of a financial burden and thus the woman are
better off living independently.
The age of motherhood is rising due to increased divorce rates and women pursuing
careers. This isn't an issue as it allows the younger generation to look after the old due
to not having parental responsibilities.
Argues against Parsons "rosy view" of the family.
Denies that the family has changed much over recent years.
People are not seeking permanent alternatives to the nuclear family.
At some point in their lives, people will generally experience living in a nuclear family
(temporal diversity).
Large numbers of families do not include the male as the breadwinner and women are
increasingly working outside of the home.
The family overwhelms individuals into not thinking for themselves.
Identified "Regional Diversity" with families across Britain.

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The inequality between men and women financially, is the preference of
women who often choose to work less as they enjoy raising their children.
Houses are built to house nuclear families.
Social policy tends to favor the nuclear family, placing them in more desirable
The nuclear family is just the "cereal pack" image of the family, and is just a byproduct
of the media.
The nuclear family often causes mental issues such as eating disorders and issues like
schizophrenia.…read more

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The nuclear family is "best fit" for the needs of society. The family serves to provide
primary socialization and to create mentally stability for adults. Previously the family
provided more functions, such as education and health care, until the government
provided services which overtook this.
Due to modern technologies families which were previously impossible are now
possible.…read more

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The nuclear family suits the need of capitalism as it produces a clear line of
inheritance, and allows families to produce more workers who will be socialized in to
accepting their position in society.…read more


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