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THINKERS…read more

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· Organised experiments in communal
· Regarded as utopian on the basis that
their socialism was grounded in a desire
for total social transformation
unconnected with the necessity of class
struggle and revolution ­ `New Harmony'
· Believe strongly in humanist ideas; a
philosophy that gives moral priority to
the satisfaction of human needs and
aspiration…read more

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ROBERT OWEN (1771-1858)
· Humanist socialism is a philosophy that gives
moral priority to the satisfaction of human
needs and aspirations
· The Scotland and US communities failed as the
community ended up splitting up into
independent but co-operative groups
· Owen believed that every working man had to
know of, believe in and be equipped to a fight
for equality. Owen brought all the widespread
industrial activity under one big union with the
objective of ending the capitalist system
· Owen was one of the first to denounce the
flaws of capitalism, refusing to see the
labouring classes as mere `hands'.…read more

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· Blanqui was regarded as radical due to
the fact that he proposed the formation
of a small band of dedicated conspirators
to plan and carry out a revolutionary
seizure of power
· His views differed from Marx due to the
envisaged a `proletariat revolution' in
which the class conscious working
masses would rise up and overthrow
capitalism…read more

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KARL MARX (1818-1883)
· His theory was scientific because of its content,
because of the kind of theory it is. Marx claimed
that himself and Engles worked together and
based their theory on historical happenings, thus
making it scientific. The theory was regarded as
idealistic due to the radical view of the
proletariat overthrowing the bourgeoisie, thus
making it utopian
· Marxism accused of being economically
determinist; Marxists over-exaggerate the
importance of economic relationships
· Karl Popper claimed that Marxism is unscientific
in methodology, it cannot be tested or falsified.
Classifies Marxism as a `faith'…read more

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VLADMIR LENIN (1870-1924)
· Lenin attempted to shape the future of
the Soviet Union, warning against the
unchecked power of party members.
Lenin launched Red Terror; included
terrorist tactics such as dissenter
abductions, and assassinations of
purportedly disloyal government
· Lenin stood for state capitalism and
argued that socialist democracy is in no
was inconsistent with the rule and
dictatorship of one person…read more

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