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Social learning theory as an explanation for criminal or antisocial behaviour

Background/ context:
The social learning theory is based on the concept of modelling explaining how we learn
behaviour through observing and imitating others. Modelling is derived from aspects of
operant conditioning and observational learning.
Operant conditioning is learning through…

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3. Self reinforcement ­ this is when the individual may receive internal satisfaction from
the behaviour, for e.g. they may experience excitement or a feeling of power from
committing a crime.

The social learning theory can also be used to explain the role of media in violence.

+ There…

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watched more television committed more anti social and criminal behaviour. This provides a
link between television and aggression in real life. Although other factors were not taken into
account for criminal behaviour so the study lacks validity.

Another study carried out to see the effects of media violence on individuals…


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