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- People are influenced by those around them, how others behave and their characteristics; we imitate role models and
try to fit it. We make judgements based on how they look or act.
Social - Other people and the surrounding environment are all major influences of our behaviour.


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Piliavin: Good Samaritan: an -Death of Kitty Genovese in 30 minute attack where 38 witnesses refused to help
underground phenomenon? inspired studies on bystander behaviour, helping behaviour.
-Bystander effect, Genovese syndrome

Study Aim Method /Design Sample Results / Conclusion
Milgram To investigate what level of Controlled Observation - Obtained from…

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Reicher & - To provide data on interaction Experimental Case Study - Self-selecting/volunteer sample - Guards did not develop group identity /
Haslam between groups of unequal power - Psychometric tests measuring social coherence - they did not internalise power role
and privilege. Matched pairs and repeated variables (racism, social…


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