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Outline the evidence that some males are disadvantaged in the
contemporary UK (20)

Explanation: since the 80's, male educational attainment has been declining, with
statistics showing decreases in the number of males achieving 5 A*-C at GCSE
Intersectional research has shown it is working class boys most disadvantaged


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Explanation: Government statistics show that men are four times more likely than
women to be found guilty or convicted in court

Evidence: Graham & Bowling ­ proposed the chivalry thesis which suggests that
women tend to be treated more leniently in court than men. This is because the CJS…

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Evidence: Kelly ­ found that there was a masculine bias in science textbooks; men
tend to be pushed towards scientific studies and subsequent jobs which pay more
and receive higher status in society


Explanation: men seem to do less work regarding the family in comparison to

Evidence: Oakley…

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Explanation: since the 1950's, there has been a hegemonic nuclear family ideology in
relation to the family structure; this ideology led to oppressing gender roles and
some of these gender role stereotypes and attitudes can still be found in
contemporary society

Evidence: Dunscombe & Marsden ­ they believe that…

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Outline the evidence that some females are advantaged in the contemporary
UK (20)

Explanation: girls used to be disadvantaged in education during the 60's, however
since the 70's girls have begun to outperform boys; they now achieve more A*-Cs at

Evidence: Epstein ­ found that working class boys…

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