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  • Inequality
    • Consensus theories
      • Functionalists
      • New Right
      • Society is a hierarchy of layers
        • Differences in wealth and income can be explained by differences in the abilities of people or the value of their work that they put into society
      • People that are at the top of society are those that are of the most value
        • The poor are often responsible for their low social position, as they don't bring anything valuable into society
          • This suggests that the poor are in that position due to their own immorality
      • This is criticised by feminists, as this approach suggests that for gender, consensus somehow suggests that women are less worthy than men
    • Conflict theories
      • Marxist
      • Feminist
      • Society is made up of competing groups
      • Each group in society conflicts with one another for power and wealth
      • Conflict theories recognise the significance of social structures in creating disadvantages for certain groups
      • Criticised for reducing inequality to a single factor i.e. gender or class or ethnicity
        • Inequality is more complex than one single factor
        • Assume that people of lower class WILL experience inequality, not judging it also from other factors
          • Social mobility is not impossible


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