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Falling asleep at random times during the
day. Narcolepsy can lead to insomnia and
has detrimental affect on sleep, as sleep is
constantly interrupted.…read more

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Feeling sleepy unexpectedly
Cataplexy- sudden loss of muscular
Dream like hallucinations entering into day
time sleep.…read more

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Causes of Narcolepsy- REM
Fault in the mechanism that regulate REM sleep.
Supported by symptoms such as cataplexy and
dream like hallucinations
A study carried out on narcoleptic dogs who were
analysed on a EEG during a narcoleptic episode, the
onset of REM was apparent...cannot be generalised
to humans.
Vogel observed REM at the onset of sleep in a
narcoleptic patient.…read more

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Causes of Narcolepsy- HLA
There is a claim that narcoleptics have a
deficiency in HLA a white blood cell that is in
the immune system.
However not all narcoleptics have this
deficiency and is in fact common among the
general population.…read more

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Causes of Narcolepsy- Hypocretin
Hypocretin a neurotransmitter that is responsible for keeping us
awake. It has been suggested that those with narcolepsy have a
malfunction in the system that regulates it.
Hypocretin malfunction may be caused by brain injury, stress and
even diet.
Evidence from human narcoleptics has led to the suggestion that
narcolepsy is not hereditary and the malfunction in the system that
regulates hypocretin has not been over generations as there is no
concurrence between twins. This suggests that there is no genetic
link between the onset of narcolepsy. Supports the idea that we have
free will.
Determinism and Free will- Narcolepsy isn't predetermined as we
control our diet, stress levels all which may cause the malfunction in
the hypocretin system leading the narcolepsy.…read more

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