skirrid hill, last act and landmark

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  • Skirrid Hill
    • Landmark
      • 26th poem in the anthology.
      • 5 stanzas, all with 3 lines.
        • middle stanza is separate from the others.
          • links too 'Happy Accidents'.
      • it is showing an intimate relationship with someone close to him
        • links to 'Show'.
      • 'holding each other as if to let go would mean forever.'
        • scared to lose each other, it is an important relationship.
      • 'and already they were part of things again.'
        • they almost lost realization in that moment, but now it is over.
    • Last Act
      • 'last act' opens the anthology
      • it is in one continuous verse.
        • this links to 'Farther'
      • everything that follows this poem is a story of his life so far
      • Rhetorical question; 'isn't this always the last act?'
        • links to 'Happy Accidents', this also has a rhetorical question.
      • talks as if it is being performed. this links too 'Show'.
      • 'Don't be surprised it has taken me so long to show you these:'.


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