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Harmony Tonic pedal (f b96-99) (p b1-2)
Double suspension (p b7)
Unrelated chords (p b7)
Dominant pedal (p b19-20)
Bare 5th s chords (p b22)
Inverted dominant pedal (p b23-24)
No 3rds within perfect cadence (p b26-27)
Traditional harmony (throughout f)
Sudden harmonic changes (f b61)
Dominant pedal (f b62-69)
Melody Awkward intervals (p b1-2)
Scalic (p b2)
Sequences (p b10) (f b15-18)
Full arpeggio with no non-harmony notes (f subject)
Structure P: Through composed with 5 sections and a coda (b23-28)
F: Fugal structure- exposition with episodes and free material,
Stretto (b70)
Dynamics pp-ff
many dynamic markings including <>
Texture 2 part counterpoint (p b1-20) (f b5-10) (f b29-50) (f b71)
Homophony (p b21-22)
Monophony (f b1-4)
3 part counterpoint (f b11-28) (f b51-70) (f b72-end)
Rhythm Syncopation (p b17) (f b6-8)
Change in time signature (p b22)
Instrumentation Piano
Large range but not excessive
Tonality A major
Hint of bitonality (p b6)
Modulated to unrelated key, Ab+ (p b19), F#+ (f b21)
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