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Prelude and
Fugue in A Op.87
Shostakovich…read more

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Composed by Dimitri Shostakovich (1906 ­ 1975),
a major Russian 20th Century composer and
The 24 Preludes and Fugues for Piano, were
composed in 1950-51 after visiting Leipzig for the
commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Bach's
death; one in every key!
Op. 87 may sometimes be referred to as neo-
classical because of the debt to earlier music.…read more

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Performing Forces
Written for solo piano
Grade 8 standard!
Both movements exploit a wider range than
what was customary to the 19th Century,
with very low notes being particularly
Both movements range from E just below
the stave to G flat (F#) five octaves higher.…read more

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Functional with some ambiguosity ­ Bar 10
Begins in A major
E major (V key) ­ Bar 6
Back to A major ­ Bar 7
C# minor ­ Bar 13
A flat major ­ Bar 19
D flat major ­ Bar 20
Tonic pedal ­ Bar 1
Dominant pedal ­ Bar 8…read more

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Melody-Dominated Homophony
Homophonic 4-part texture ­ Bar 21-11/ End
of the prelude
Generally contrapuntal, but is not strict
Rare dialogue between parts ­ Bar 17-18
Homorhythmic ­ Bar 21-22…read more

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