Set Work 1 - Handel

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Set Task 1: Western Classical Music 16001899
a) Define the following terms, relating them to the score:
The piece does not have many cramatics. (sharps or flats)
In "and the glory of the Lord" it modulates with accidentals.
Short periods of time.
In this piece it is played by two instruments
Plays throughout the piece (Hence continuo/ continuous)
Helps to keep rhythm.
Choral texture
2 or more pieces working together
Thicker sound
Follows or copies the other part
Repetition of the other part
Type of antiphonic texture
Words or notes emphasized.
Shows the end of a section.
Means to hammer in Ancient Greek.
Syllables or words spread out over notes, not a syllable per note.
Usually in melody
Type of Texture
Pieces working in unison
Not always the same notes, but ALL played for the same amount of beats.

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Explain what modulation is, and illustrate your answer with reference to the one used in
the piece
Modulation is when the piece changed the key it is currently in, but not performing a key
change. The piece will start modulating, and in this case its first sign is a Dsharp accidental in
B212. It only ever modulates in a short period of time and usually changes to the dominant
c) Give examples of both perfect cadence and plagal cadence in the piece.…read more


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