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Separate spheres
In the Victorian era by TJ
{…read more

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What it means
The ideology that men and women have different roles within
society that mean that they exist within separate spheres of
men are involved with the political world whereas women
participate in the domestic side of life, i.e. child bearing and home
making. This was due to the way they were genetically made
(biological determinism) and because it s the way God willed it.
Emerged during industrial revolution when a lot more men worked
in factories when before most people worked from home (farming
etc.) and it as their workplace.…read more

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Male sphere
Duty to provide for and look after their family
Political power
Financial power
Decision makers (in and out of their own household)
Moral leeway
A lot more rights than women…read more

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Female Sphere
Duty to provide children (chiefly males to carry
on the family name) and look after them and
their households. Women in the sphere are lesser
humans designed to love and obey their
Domestic life
Child rearing
Home making
Looking after family and obeying her husband
Strict moral code, and the source of it for her
Beautiful…read more

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"A women's entire education should be
planned in relation to men. To please men,
to be useful to them, to win their love and
respect, to raise them as children, to care
for them as adults, correct and console
them, make their lives sweet and pleasant;
these are women's duties in all ages and
these are what they should be taught from
childhood." ­ Jean Jacques Rousseau
(Romantic writer and philosopher during
18th century)…read more

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Women and the Law (AO4)
Legislations for women's rights
women did not exist as legal beings in their own right: They belong to (or are under the
direction of) first their fathers, and after marriage their husbands. If unmarried their
They cannot sue for divorce or remove their children from their husband's home without
his Consent. Men could gain a separation on the grounds of adultery but women would
When married, all property, down to the petticoats she wore, passed into the hands of
her husband ). Anything she earned or inherited was his, and her earnings were paid
directly to him
She could make a will only with her husbands consent and even then he could revoke the
will, even after her death
Husbands legally entitled to beat their wives, provided the stick was not thicker than his
Children were understood to be the possession of her husbands…read more

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