Remember - Christina Rossetti

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  • Remember
    • Form
      • Written as a Petrarchan sonnet
      • Iambic petramaeter
      • Has an ABBA ABA octave and a CDE CDE setset
      • Poem has a volta in which the speaker becomes more unaccepting of death
    • Composed in 1849, and published in the non-devotional poems section of her works in 1862
    • Often read at funerals and times of bereavement
    • Themes
      • Role of women
      • Grief and bereavement
      • Death and the inevitability of the decay of our physical body
      • The higher power of love
      • Seperation
    • Tone
      • The tone of the poem is reflective and reconciliatory on the topic of death
      • The speaker is accepting of death but isn't accepting at the prospect of being forgotten by her beloved
      • The speakers tone is commanding and imperative, however of a gentle nature
    • Literary techniques
      • Repetition is used to emphasize the readers desire to be remembered after her death, its also used to juxtapose the great boundary between life and death
      • Cyclical rhyme scheme to represent the cyclical nature of life and the inevitability of death
      • Sonic symmetry is used before and after the volta
    • Imagery
      • The silent land
      • Darkness and corruption
      • Hands and physical displays of affection


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