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A secret Yorkshire reef explodes Sun and swells rise over the village of Staithes, Yorkshire
All my live I have lived inland. Over the course of the last decade I have experienced a full season of surf on the
most eastern of east Yorkshire coasts and have become accustomed to my `local' surf spot. I have come to the
conclusion that Cayton, whilst being the most isolated surfing town in Yorkshire is also its best blessed.
C locals ripped
ayton has a pioneering and resort town of Cayton traded upon. There are various beaches and shore reputation for hosting heavy waves but Around this time the first blanks were Other `secret' spots of interest to local
adventurous spirit. It comes I In a way Cayton needed to be civilised. It breaks to choose from in Yorkshire; so also due to its complex rock patterns and being blown in town by local shapers and surfers include Staithes. Staithes is just
up over head-
think, from its humble lies in the middle of such an exposed and surfing the area should is a great undercurrents, is home to some especially some thirty years on some still shape North of Cayton and provides the
surroundings. Its nearest coastal sister nuggetty coastline of twisted folded rock experience. You should look at the life threatening situations. The local RNLI regularly. passionate surfers with world-class
high hollow
towns are Filey, five miles South in that soft English sensibilities of bowling currents, the rocks and the reef whilst established in 1804 by local people has waves; a left hand reef break, breaking
Yorkshire and Scarborough, five miles greens, hilly paths, seagulls and sweeping finding your very own secret spot. There been celebrated for its many years of In the early to mid 1970's surfers began over rocks provides a heavy barrelling
North in Yorkshire. Because of the huge seafronts is needed to balance it out. are many good stretches of coastline in service to the people. adding their own style to the way they ride wave that can produce some epic
stretch of east facing coastline that
Cayton finds itself positioned in the middle
This sleepy part of the east midlands is
the least populated surfing coasts in
right-handers Yorkshire with gentle waves, easy enough
for the beginner to try on the east coast, The nearby beaches of Scarborough and
blasting moves and shaking up the
establishment. By the early eighties a
sessions; this place pumps when it's big.
of, its surfers regularly range miles from
home up and down the country.
Yorkshire but it is also the one with the
most exciting and promising places to spinning down but there are also many good stretches of
coastline in Yorkshire with heavy waves,
Filey have not always been at the hub of
the Yorkshire surf scene. However when
fledging British competitive scene was
beginning to emerge. Almost without
Due to their happy isolation, Cayton's
surfers have been forced to explore and
Like the rest of Yorkshire, Cayton has a
explore for solid waves. The reason for
this is the dolomite rock peculiar to the a perfect right challenging enough for any surfer to surf
on the east coast.
people began surfing their solid hardwood
boards at the beginning of the 1950's the
knowing what's going on elsewhere
Cayton has raised the bar of British
pioneer some of the loneliest spots in
Yorkshire, and they have done a brave job
hand bank
very early industrial history. Later Cayton area. gentle waves offered longer rides, which surfing each time a new era has opened boldly. From the word Go, Cayton surfers
softened into the perfect picture of a On my arrival for my first surf in Cayton were much favoured over the much have unwittingly been at the heart of
traditional family resort after the Victorians The dolomite rock blesses Cayton with five years ago I quickly got the message shallower shore break waves found at Local surfers travel up and down the British surfing. Now they sit, still
provided it with a fast railway connection the best reef set ups in Yorkshire. This about the quality of surf on offer in Cayton. As the local surf scene developed stretch of East Coast surfing spots like unwittingly, at the epicentre of Yorkshire-
to London. Built into the rocks of the east rock was formed millions of years ago, Cayton. I rocked up for my first surf under Cayton and surrounding towns had their Cayton, Scarborough and Filey. surfing realm; able to harness the full
Yorkshire beach, the remains of another probably deposited in sand waves and cloudy cold December skies. A set of own surf clubs. Scarborough's South Bay's Malibu Surf power of ocean swells on solid beaches
legacy exist; World War Two defences settled onto the seabed. This part of the locals ripped up over head-high hollow By the early sixties surfing in Cayton, and club played host to the British Longboard and secret spots in an enviable surfing
which were constructed around the long country is blessed with rough, darker right-handers spinning down a perfect indeed in Britain, had really taken off. The Club Championships, in early October environment of relative solitude.
coastline on which the Town finds shelter sand beaches and intruding blocks of right hand bank. "It's been like this for a first surf shops like Secret Spot in Cayton 2008. It's only the second time the
today. The Victorians civilised the seafront sandstone. The sandstone blocks stick to month" one of the crew told me. owned by local surfers were started; they competition has been held in the town,
with cast iron railings and made wide the sandbars in place and where there is gave a helping hand to many a promising and it's a sure sign of the growing
promenades for taking in the invigorating no sand build shapely reefs over which Cayton is the most Easterly beach in grom, giving them jobs to do around the popularity of surfing on the Yorkshire
sea air whose health benefits the early square waves break. Yorkshire and the one with the best shop in return for their first boards. coast.


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