future predictions


Future predictions for language                                 By Jack Westgate


Because of the variety in which English is constantly changing it is likely that it may take a dramatic turn in the future. English is more or less used as second language and there are more people in the world that speak it as a second language than as their primary one. This is also some of the reasons in which countries has adopted English as there official language. English has become a “lingua franca” in which many other people can understand the language even though it isn’t there native tongue. This may show that Languages, such as welsh, may be dying out because of English. Welsh is considered the native tongue of whales however English is also considered its official language. Because of this and many other reasons there are many possibilities in which language will change in the future.

Jean Paul Nerriere has developed a simplified version of English that he calls Globish. It contains approximately 1,500 words and has being written in to handbooks in order to help foreign people who don’t have English as their native tongue. He believes that Globish will help improve the spread of global communications and will also limit the use of English. Its aim was to help non speakers of English attempt to acquire a working knowledge of the language, but most people will need to beyond a stripped down vocabulary if they want to


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