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FOOD…read more

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All things that live need food to keep doing so.
Plants make their own food with
Animals can't make their own food. They need
to eat other animals and plants.
Food gives energy.
Food is used for growth and for repair.
Food is also used for protection against
The five main food types are:
Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins and
Carbohydrates include: Jam, Honey, Sugar,
Potatoes, Bread, Rice, Cereal, Bran and
Vegetables.…read more

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Proteins include: Lean Meat, Fish, Eggs and
Vitamins include: Citrus fruits, Milk, Cheese
and Yoghurt.
Minerals include: Milk, Cheese, Tinned
Salmon, Liver, Cabbage and Spinach.
Carbohydrates: Provide energy and prevent
Fats: Provide energy and heat insulation.
Vitamins: Are for healthy skin and gums and
for strong bones.
Minerals: For strong, healthy bones and to
make red blood cells.…read more

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About 70% of the human body is made up of
water. It is an essential part of the cytoplasm
in our cells.
Water is the main substance in our bodily
Water is used to dissolve substances such as
digested food and to transport it around the
One of the reasons we eat food is to get
chemical energy for our activities.
Food packets usually have nutritional
information which tells us the energy content.
Energy is measured in kJ (kilojoules) or kcal
(kilocalories)…read more


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