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The motifs

Peripetie is a very intense, restless and dramatic movement with frequent shifts in
orchestration, speed and mood. It is a musical kaleidoscope of constantly changing
musical patterns. It is based on a small number of ideas (motifs) which are first
stated and then transformed in…

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Next we hear the powerful sound of six horns playing motif C, another angular line.
Again the motif is in triplets but this time triplet quavers. Notice the use of the
dissonant interval of a 7th.
Motif C

These are the first three motifs. Seven motifs are heard, one after…

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After four bars of intro the 4bar riff is introduced. The piano, drums and bass continue
their ostinati and saxophones are added.

Listen to part of the opening of 'All Blues'. You can hear part of the intro (piano, bass
and drums) and then the riff begins on the saxophones.…

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Listen to trumpet solo 2. The Harmon mute has now been taken out. Notice the
difference this makes to the sound. The mood though remains laid back and
Other instrument solos
The trumpet solos are followed by four choruses for alto saxophone. The style
changes with the sax playing…


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