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Schizophrenia 3 Psychological explanations

Behavioural Explanations

Argues that schizophrenia is a learnt behaviour.

Argues that important people in a young persons life do not reinforce socially
acceptable behaviour.

Instead they respond to more schizophrenic types of behaviour which reinforces and
encourages it.


This would suggest if its learnt behaviour…

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Cognitive Explanations

- Argue that Schizophrenia is due to disorganised and disordered thinking.

- Frith claims it is mostly due to faulty attention. We are normally able to filter the
information received by our senses and only a small amount of it reaches our
conscious thoughts.

- When schizophrenics first…

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- Argues that Schizophrenia is caused by Schizophrenogenic families and particular
blames mothers.

- In these families mixed messages are sent to the child who will be treated coldly but
will be expected to be emotional and dependent on the mother all the time.

- Communication in such families is…

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Evidence that does suggest a link between the two is only correlational . It could be
that the beginning of the disorder was actually the cause of the major life event.

Family Relationships: Double Bind Theory

Bateson et al 1956 children who receive contradictory messages from their parents
are more…

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shows that the reduction of expressed emotion positively affects schizophrenics.
This indicated that expressed emotion is a factor in relapse rates.

Labelling theory

· Scheff (1999) argues that social groups have norms. Schizophrenia's symptoms are seen as
deviant as they go against the norms. Schizophrenia's symptoms are seen as deviant…


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