Satellites research task and questins

A small word document with usefull sites and questions on satellites.

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ICT Satellite Communication
Use the internet to find out the answers to the following questions related to
microwave and radio wave communication.
The following websites may help you:
1. Define a geostationary orbit
2. How far is a geostationary satellite above the surface of the Earth?
3. State one use of a geostationary satellite
4. Name a natural satellite
5. What is a polar satellite?
6. Define the ionosphere
7. What type of electromagnetic wave is reflected by the ionosphere? (if possible
state the frequency range)
8. Explain how radio waves are travel to the other side of the Earth
9. Which type of electromagnetic wave are used in satellite communication? (if
possible state the frequency range)
10. Why are microwave signals amplified by a satellite before re-transmission to
11. Why can a radio wave of frequency 25MHz not be used for satellite
12. Why are radio waves easily diffracted but microwaves are not?
13. What does AM and FM mean?
14. State the wave equation
15. Calculate the wavelength of a VHF radio wave of frequency 300 000 000 Hz and
wave speed 300 000 000 m/s.
1. Research and write about the International Space Station (ISS)
a) What is it used for?
b) How is it powered?
c) How high is its orbit above Earth?
d) How fast is it travelling?
e) What is its mass?
2. What is the size of the centripetal force keeping it in orbit (mv2/r)?

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