safety in the lab

all the rules you need to know about safety in the lab.

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Safety in the lab
Dress Appropriately Tie long hair back. Wear
safety goggles and a lab coat.
Identify the Safety Equipment And know how
to use it! Given that some people will need them,
know the locations of the fire blanket,
extinguishers, eyewash etc.
Don't Taste or Sniff Chemicals - For many
chemicals, if you can smell them then you are exposing
yourself to a dose that can harm you, so eating them is
far worse.
Don't Casually Dispose of Chemicals Down the
Drain Some chemicals can be washed down the drain,
while others require a different method of disposal. If a
chemical can go in the sink, be sure to wash it away as
an unexpected reaction between chemicals left in the
sink could occur later.
Don't Eat or Drink in Lab It's so dangerous as you
could accidently ingest a harmful chemical.
Don't enter the lab without a teacher's permission
­ There might be something dangerous in the lab and
the teacher has to first check it is safe, wait outside the
lab in single file.

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Never run in the lab ­ You may knock something
over which may be dangerous for you and the people
around you.
Never carry out experiments without your
teachers approval ­ You may cause a chemical
reaction which could be dangerous, you will do all the
experiments which you need to know.
Don't bring your bag in to the lab ­ somebody
may trip over it and they may knock some thing over
which could be a health hazard.…read more

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If you don't know what to do ask ­ you may end
up hurting yourself if you do not know what you are
doing.…read more


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