common chemical glassware

what common chemical glass ware is used for!

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Common chemical glassware
Beakers glass beakers can be used for
routine mixing, measuring and boiling.
Boiling Flasks Are highly resistant to
breakage due to heating or chemical
attack. A flat bottom boiling flask can be
used on a wire mesh a round bottom one
needs a clamp and boss head. Use if
vigorous boiling is required.
Burettes Glass burettes have a variety
of applications and are used mainly where
accurate amounts of liquid must be added
in small amounts.
Pipettes Measuring pipettes are
accurate to 0.1% and are ideal for
measuring small volumes.
Test tubes Test tubes are among the
most common of requirements for lab
supplies. It is used to hold liquids or solids
and liquids during experiment, and things
such as heating.

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Watch glasses ­ Watch glasses can be
used for many different things, such as
being a lid for a beaker or dissolving
materials such as crystals or powders.
Evaporation dish The evaporating dish
is used to heat and evaporate liquids. If
heated by a direct flame, it will often be
placed on a clay triangle for support.…read more


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