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Statistics -S1…read more

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Chapter 1
Mathematical models in probabilities
and statistics…read more

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Mathematical models
· A simplification of a real world situation
· Adv.: quick and easy to produce, can simplify a
more complex situation, enables for predictions
to be made and can help to provide control
· Disadv.: only give a partial description of real
situation and they only work for a certain range
of values…read more

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Chapter 2
Representation and summary of data-
location…read more

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Quantitative variables
· Variables associated a numerical value (e.g.
height)…read more

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Qualitative variable
· Variables which do not have a numerical value
(e.g. hair colour)…read more

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Thank you very much ! 

Heather Laird

great! thanks so much!!!


Hi, thanks a lot they're really helpful! 

Do u have Core 1 notes by any chance? Thanks


These are great, thank you so much :)


Good clear (printed) notes covering a comprehensive set of notes for S1


This is so helpful and covers the whole of S1 - a key revision resource - Thanks very much!


OMG thank you!!!!!!! these are so helpful :))))))

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