C1 (Core 1) Revision List-Edexcel.

This is a revision list for C1! For those all planning to do AS Mathematics! xD

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Algebra & Functions:
Simplifying an expression by collecting like terms.
The Laws of indices
Expanding an expression
Factorising an expression
The laws of indices for all rational exponents
The use and manipulation of Surds
Rationalising the denominator of a fraction when it's a surd.
Quadratic Functions:
Plotting the graphs of Quadratic Functions
Solving Quadratic equations using factorisation
Completing the square
Solving quadratic equations by completing the square
Solving quadratic equations by using the formula
Sketching graphs of quadratic formulae
Equations and equalities:
Solving simultaneous linear equations by elimination
Solving simultaneous linear equations by substitution
Using substitution when one equation is linear and the
other is quadratic
Solving linear equations
Solving quadratic equations
Sketching Curves:
Sketching the graphs of cubic functions
Interpreting graphs of cubic functions
Sketching the reciprocal functions
Using the intersection points of graphs of functions to solve
The effect of transformation f(x+a) and f(x-a)
The effect of transformations f(ax) and af(x)
Performing transformations on the sketches of curves
Co-ordinate Geometry in the (x,y) plane:
The equation of a straight line in the form y=mx+c or
The gradient of a straight line
The equation of the straight line of the form y=y1=m(x-x1)
The formula for finding the equation of a straight line
The conditions for two straight lines to be parallel or
Sequences and Series:
The nth term of a sequence
Sequence generated by a
recurrence relationship
Arithmetic sequences/series
Using notation
The derivative of f(x) as the gradient of the tangent to the graph y=f(x)
Finding the gradient formula of simple functions
The gradient formula for a function where the powers of x are real numbers
Expanding or simplifying functions to make them easier to differentiate
Finding second order derivative
Finding the rate of change of a function at a particular point
Finding the equation of a tangent and normal to a curve at a point


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