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Sl MAY t3
1. A meteorologist believes that there is a relationship between the height above sea level,
ft m, and the air temperature, t
oC. Data is collected at the same time from 9 diflerent
places on the same mountain. The data is summarised in the table below.


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)f.x )=z+ri

o) ,-r.
oc. Yt
- O 'OrS

{x ea",'-. t^.*i:J, t^o.6"^ 1rl*, ttn - *c"^e
4+rrts bJ 6.ot5 .

-1 .S" c a\rf{err.. u- .

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2. The marks of a group of female students in a statistics test are summarised in Figure I



10 20 30 40 50 60 '70 80 90 100

Figure 1

(a) Write down the mark which is exceeded by 7 5o/o of the female students'


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(c) In the space provided on Figure 1 draw a box plot to represent the marks ofthe male
students, indicating clearly any outliers.

(d) Compare and contrast the marks of the male and the female students.

q,) z5
b) A=31 Qr tn + 8h, +(.
= 1--15

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3. In a company the 200 employees are classified as full{ime workers, part-time workers or
The table below shows the number of employees in each category and whether they walk
to work or use some form oltransporl.

Walk Transpolt +.rt.r,L
Full{ime worker 2 8 l()

Part-time worker 35 15…

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The following table summarises the tifires, I minutes to the nearest minute, recorded for a
group of students to complete an exam.
ls-s e3 33 +o-s s3
Time (minutes) r ll 20 21 25 26-30 3l - 35 36 45 46-60
Number of students f, 6l 88 16 l3 1l…

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ro.E t' ,.t., g::O.S = 3A
t=r s At
62- l{tr2 I so
-'. @z- -- Lz.+ (3te)
- to.s
c-) -F_ o,
r,,,,, j
ol-ro-5= 5Q_
o So Lz lO 62-
:) o, =
ftxrc +lo's
tA'6 Csr)

r 'r1.5

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A biased die with six faces is rolled. The discrete random variable x represents the score
on the uppermost face. The probability distribution of Xis shown in the table be1ow.

.x I 2 3 4 5 6

P(X: x) o a a b h 0.3

(a) Given that E(-l') :4.2…

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c) VCx) = 6(xz) -E(r)' = 20,t|-.+.2_z = L.+L

d) 5L= I r. [-=O.L
T) P(s,..,. -2-) - P(x=\)J,\)' o,t * ia - l-

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The weight, in grams, of beans in a tin is normally distributed with mean p and standard
deviation 7.8

Given that 10% of tins contain less than 200 g, find

(a) the value ofp

(b) the percentage oftins that contain more than 225 g ofbeans.

The machine settings…


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