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In a box plot outliers are

1.5 interquartile ranges above the upper quartile

In a histogram, total area under bars is

PROPORTIONAL to total frequency.
1.5 interquartile ranges below the lower quartile

Always refer to outliers or extreme values but not

PMCC is not affected by linear coding.…

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Modelling: 7 steps! RDPECER
A statistical model is Step 1: Recognise a real world problem
Step 2: Devise a statistical model
A statistical process to describe or Step 3: model used to make Predictions
Step 4: Experimental data is collected
make predictions about the expected Step 5: Comparisons made against…

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Use a histogram if the data is continuous, and if the
data is grouped unevenly. Also can be written as

If a distribution is skewed then it has extreme values
Put your answer in context
Median/ Interquartile range better than mean/
standard deviation because they are not affected by Positive…

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It is not suitable to extrapolate (estimate
An event is using a line of best fit outside the range of data
collected) as a linear relationship may not
remain valid.

one of the possible outcomes Interpolation is more accurate but is
of an experiment dependent on how strong the correlation…

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Capital F just means the probability to the left of
and inclusive! It is the cumulative probability.

F(0.6) = P(X<0.6)

Always remember that

When finding the median work out ½ n F(LAST POSSIBLE VALUE) = 1

If this is a decimal use the first value after (e.g. 6.5 you

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A discrete uniform distribution is a probability
distribution with the same probability of all outcomes

e.g rolling a fair die
The assumption that all probabilities are equal is
Useful in theory ­ allows problems to be modelled

If in a venn diagram, you are given that
However it is…

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Some features of a box plot are
To work out E(X ) just do the first bit of the variance

formula 1. Allows comparisons
2. Shows outliers
3. Indicates spread/range/IQR
4. Shows max/min/median/quartiles
5. Shows skewness

Don't round until the end never use a rounded When using formulae, show…

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