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G eo Factsheet Number 206

River restoration ­
Case Studies
Very few rivers have not been affected by human activity. All large rivers Fig. 1 A model of restoration, rehabilitation and remediation.
have been modified to some extent and it is only remote, isolated streams
that may have…

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River restoration ­ Case Studies Geo Factsheet

River restoration
There is a need to restore rivers because many have been seriously River restoration schemes are becoming increasingly common as the
affected by urban and agricultural flood defences, land drainage and benefits of natural rivers and their floodplains are realised. The…

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River restoration ­ Case Studies Geo Factsheet

Case studies of restoration

Case Study 1: The River Cole
The River Cole is one of three river restoration sites financially · Stretch 3 The restoration of the ancient course of the Cole appears
supported by LIFE, an EU fund which provides grant…

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River restoration ­ Case Studies Geo Factsheet

Case Study 2: The River Skerne, Darlington
The River Skerne shares many characteristics with other urban streams: · the growth of wetland plant species on the inside of meander belts.
· It has a high sediment load, especially of silt. · strengthening the…

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River restoration ­ Case Studies Geo Factsheet

Case Study 4: Changing river management - the Kissimee River
The world's largest wetland restoration project will spend US$700 The channelization of the Kissimee River had several unintended impacts:
million over two decades to revive the Florida Everglades It will · the loss…


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