Issues of developing water pathways

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  • Issues of Developing water pathways
    • In some areas with a shortage of water one of the solutions is to divert water from one drainage basin to another. However these can produce political risks
    • Case Study: The Snowy Mountains Scheme
      • Scheme involves 16 major dams, 7 power stations and a network of pipelines and aquifers
      • How the scheme works
        • Collects water and diverts it so it can be used in power stations to create electricity
      • Problems created:
        • Creation of storage lakes has destroyed wildlife habitats
        • Snowy river flow has fallen to 1%
        • Groundwater salinisation results from low flow
        • Water scarcity has led to competition between users
        • Political fallout meant governments had to restore some of the flow in the Snowy River and invest in water saving projects
        • Record drought due to El Nino have used up the water allocations


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