Revision Tools Website for AS Chemistry (OCR A)

NEW!! The FREE RevisonTools website has been updated, has improved features & is easier to use.

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Written specifically for AS & A2 Chemistry (OCR A)

The new version has 2 modes:

1. Instant Access: 
Allows students to revise immediately without creating an account and logging in. Students can select which areas they want to revise e.g. equations, definitions, reaction mechanisms etc

2. Create an Account:
Additional functions are available when students login e.g. detailed tracking of progress, Revision Cards are presented in an order based on where you need to focus the most.

About Us: We are a small group of teachers, tutors and examiners who work for a tuition company called 101 Private Tutors Ltd. We have decades of combined teaching experience, thousands of hours of tuition experience and have marked many thousands of exam papers across a range of subjects as examiners/team leaders. We have come together to put our collective experiences into producing new revision materials for GCSE and A Level students. 

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