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Re- Good and evil…read more

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The fall
Suffering is explained by Christians of having
entered the world after `The fall' where Adam
and eve were banished from heaven after being
It teaches that humanity left the perfect world
and entered the imperfect
This excludes humans from heaven unless they
are reconnected with god
They say that the reason that we are tempted
toward evil is free will
This is known as the original sin…read more

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The devil and sin
Classical Christian teachings state that the devil
tempts us towards evil and although this is now
very out dated some still believe by some
There are two types of recognized sin: sins of
thought and sins of action
Is the opposite of god
Fallen angel
Could be either a sprit, phenomenon or being…read more

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Human evil
This is brought about after actions by
another human
This includes things like murder and war
The person causing the evil is making a
choice about right or wrong
This means it comes from free will…read more

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Natural evil
Is caused by the world around us and has
only natural causes and is no ones fault
Examples are disease floods and hurricanes
However some recent disasters have been
man made as a result of things like climate
change…read more

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The problem of evil
Many people have a problem with evil in the
world and some choice to use it as a reason
for the non- existence of god (e.g. Charles
Darwin )
Many think that because god is good he
wouldn't allow bad things to happen
Or that he cant be powerful enough to
prevent bad things from happening…read more

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