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Restoration Theory
Sleep is needed to restore the brain
and the body…read more

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During the SWS growth hormone is released which stimulates
growth and enables protein synthesis and cell growth.
Explains why children spend more time in SWS sleep than
adults, as they need more growth hormone, as the longer you
sleep in SWS the more growth hormone is released.
Sassin et al...found that when the sleep cycle was reversed
the release of growth hormone was also reversed.
Lack of SWS is related to reduced functioning of the immune
system as antibodies are also regenerated during protein
synthesis.…read more

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REM- Brain growth
It has been suggested that REM is needed for brain
There is a link between immaturity and REM which
explains the high amount of REM in new born babies,
whose brains are developing rapidly.
Also evidence from animals, the platypus who is very
immature spends 8 hours in REM sleep whereas the
dolphin who can swim from birth has no REM sleep.…read more

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REM- Neurotransmitter
REM Sleep offers a break in the release of
neurotransmitter allowing neurons to regain
MOAIs that are prescribed to people in order to
increase the level of neurotransmitter abolish REM
sleep, as there is no need for it as the
neurotransmitter does not have to be revitalised.…read more

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Circk and Mitchison: claimed that during sleep
unwanted memories are discarded making more
important memoire more accessible.
Stickgold: stated that sleep was important in
procedural memory i.e. riding a bike and SWS
was particularly important in semantic +
episodic memory.…read more

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Sleep Deprivation
These studies show that sleep has a restorative
quality and there are clear consequences of
being deprived from it.…read more

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