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Plant reproduction
Label insect and wind pollinated plant


Self-pollination Cross pollination
Results in self-fertilization Results in cross pollination
Occurs when pollen lands on the stigma of the same plant Occurs when pollen transferred to a different plant of
the same species
Preserves good genomes Greater evolutionary significance
Depends on…

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Development of fruit and seed

After fertilisation, the development of the seed and fruit takes place
The seed develops from fertilised ovule and contains embryonic plant and a food store
The diploid zygote divides by mitosis to form embryo
o Consists of:
Plumule (Developing shoot)
Radicle (Developing root)
One or…

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o These are then transported to the growing apices of the young shoot (plumule) or young
shoot (radicle)

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Sexual reproduction in Humans
Label Male reproductive system

Label Female reproductive system

Part Function
Scrotum A sack of skin to hold testicles outside body keeping at optimum
temperatue preventing sperm from overheating
Testes Produce sperm and release testoserone
Epididymis Where sperm are stored and matured
Vas Deferens Connects epidydimis to…

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Sertoli Cells
o In the walls of the seminiferous tubule
o Secrete a fluid that nourishes spermatazoa and protects them from the immune system
of the male
Groups of Interstitial Cells
o Secrete the male sex hormone


Process by which ova are produced in the ovary


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Sexual Intercourse

Sperm travels from the seminiferous tubule to the oviduct of the female in fluid called semen
o So that fertilisation can take place
Secretes from seminal vesicle, Cowper's glands and prostate gland added to sperm to form
o Penis inserted into vagina
o Movement of penis…

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o Difficulty conceiving naturally for reasons affecting the male, female or both parents
In the UK 1 in 6 couples trying for a baby seek medical help because of difficulty
o The complete inability to conceive a child
o Very rare
o Two main causes


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