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answers from previous exam papers of the RE ethics paper

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(a) What is meant by divorce? [1]
This is the ending of a marriage before the death of either partner
(b) State two reasons which some Christians might give for seeking a divorce. [2]
-Physical abuse
-Emotional abuse
(c) Describe the roles of men and women in a Christian family. [3]
-The relationship tends to be an equal one with responsibilities shared.
-There should be fidelity, love and compassion between the partners of a marriage.
-Both men and women in the family have a role in the upbringing of any children in the faith.
(d) Explain Christian attitudes towards divorce and remarriage. [6]
-In the RC tradition, divorce is impossible as the marriage is an indissoluble union. Remarriage is therefore
also impossible.
-Other denominations reluctantly accept that marriages can end and may allow the remarriage of the
innocent party in church.
-Differences in attitude between Protestant denominations.
(e) `Married couples should never divorce'. Discuss this statement. You should include different,
supported points of view and a personal viewpoint. You must refer to Christianity in your answer. [12]
-The Bible teaches that the couple become one flesh, so the marriage is a union which cannot be separated.
-Marriage is viewed by many Christians as a sacrament.
-The (Christian) marriage ceremony requires the couple to exchange vows which should not be broken.
-Marriage involves a promise to stay together for life and divorce breaks this. Promises should not be
broken and so Divorce should not be an option. Divorce is a weak response to the natural struggle of living
with other persons.
­Marriage is an ideal and the promises are made in good faith, but in reality the relationship can die or the
marriage become violent and dangerous. In these circumstances marriage is best ended.
-It is not the death of the partner than ends a marriage, but the death of a marriage itself. Divorce
becomes inevitable so the partners can move on.
(a) What is meant by cloning? [1]
-The biological production of genetically identical individuals.
-Making exact copies of any living thing.
(b) State two reasons why some Christians might oppose human cloning. [2]
-Cloning involves the production and destruction of embryos, which is killing human life and therefore wrong.
-The creation of identical individual raises moral issues
-Playing God
(c) Describe the attitudes of some Christians towards a childless couple seeking fertility treatment? [3]

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The creation of life is to be approved and encouraged so a couple seeking fertility treatment should be encouraged
and supported.
-For Some Christians, AIH and IVF are usually acceptable, but not AID as this involves a third party in the
marriage and is technically adultery.
-Some Christians see infertility as a state to be accepted rather than challenged.
-Fertility Treatment may involve the destruction of embryos
(d) Explain some Christian attitudes towards abortion.…read more

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Poverty is often the result of human greed and the failure to share the plenteous resources of the world.
-It can also be the result of misfortune.
-Some view it as a divine punishment.
-On occasions it may be caused by natural disasters but even then, if people shared their wealth the problem would be
solved so it is still the result of human greed.
(e) `Giving money to a charity is the most important thing a religious person can do.' Discuss this statement.…read more

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The expansion of the world's population must be stopped because resources are limited and religious people above all
others, because they care about people, have a duty to do something about it. The most obvious response is to keep
the population stable or reduce it which can only be achieved by using contraception. Therefore religious people have
a duty to promote and encourage contraception.
-Having a family is important for most people. It is surely a right to reproduce but there has to be constraint.…read more

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In some situations the life and death issue becomes blurred by the ability of modern medical care to prolong life.
There is a difference between killing (active euthanasia) and allowing a person to die ­ nature taking its course ­
passive euthanasia.
People who have no faith may view their life as their own. This may lead them to consider that it is up to them
whether they live or die. No one else should interfere.…read more

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State what is meant by a civil partnership. [1]
-A legal status giving a `same sex' couple identical rights and responsibilities to a heterosexual civil marriage.
(b) Give two reasons why Christians might decide to get married.…read more

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State one way in which animals are used for medical research. [1]
-For testing drugs.
-For genetic experiments.
(b) State two reasons why a Christian might be against Euthanasia. [2]
-Only God has the right to end a life.
-Euthanasia goes against the sixth commandment ­ do not murder.
-Life is sacred ­ it is not up to mankind to judge its value.
(c) Describe how a Christian might respond to the issue of cloning.…read more

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What does gambling mean? [1]
-Gambling is the wagering/betting/risking of money or property on something, in the hope that it will result in more
(b) State two occupations which a Christian might consider to be immoral. [2]
-Publisher of pornography;
-Manager of a casino;
(c) Describe one Christian teaching about the proper use of money. [3]
-Money is necessary and people need to have sufficient to live so they are
-Mot distracted by poverty;
-Money is used for the benefit of others.…read more

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It fulfils the biblical ideal of a man should leave and become one flesh
-Importance of having children
-Family as a bedrock for society
(c) Describe one belief that is reflected in a Christian marriage ceremony. [3]
-The promise to be faithful `until death do us part' reflects the belief that
-Marriage is a union which can not be dissolved.
-The ring symbolises the belief that marriage is for ever ­ just as the circle of
-The ring is endless.…read more

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Life begins at conception therefore the destruction of an embryo right from that point is the same as killing the
foetus when it is a fully formed baby.
-The foetus only becomes a person when it is possible for it to survive outside the womb.
-Abortion therefore is acceptable as it is not a human that is being killed.…read more


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