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(a) What is meant by divorce? [1]
This is the ending of a marriage before the death of either partner
(b) State two reasons which some Christians might give for seeking a divorce. [2]
-Physical abuse
-Emotional abuse
(c) Describe the roles of men and women in a Christian…

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-The creation of life is to be approved and encouraged so a couple seeking fertility treatment should be encouraged
and supported.
-For Some Christians, AIH and IVF are usually acceptable, but not AID as this involves a third party in the
marriage and is technically adultery.
-Some Christians see infertility…

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-Poverty is often the result of human greed and the failure to share the plenteous resources of the world.
-It can also be the result of misfortune.
-Some view it as a divine punishment.
-On occasions it may be caused by natural disasters but even then, if people shared their…

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-The expansion of the world's population must be stopped because resources are limited and religious people above all
others, because they care about people, have a duty to do something about it. The most obvious response is to keep
the population stable or reduce it which can only be achieved…

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-In some situations the life and death issue becomes blurred by the ability of modern medical care to prolong life.
There is a difference between killing (active euthanasia) and allowing a person to die ­ nature taking its course ­
passive euthanasia.
People who have no faith may view their…

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(a) State what is meant by a civil partnership. [1]
-A legal status giving a `same sex' couple identical rights and responsibilities to a heterosexual civil marriage.
(b) Give two reasons why Christians might decide to get married. [2]
-To respond to the human feeling of love
-To provide secure…

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(a) State one way in which animals are used for medical research. [1]
-For testing drugs.
-For genetic experiments.
(b) State two reasons why a Christian might be against Euthanasia. [2]
-Only God has the right to end a life.
-Euthanasia goes against the sixth commandment ­ do not murder.…

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(a) What does gambling mean? [1]
-Gambling is the wagering/betting/risking of money or property on something, in the hope that it will result in more
(b) State two occupations which a Christian might consider to be immoral. [2]
-Publisher of pornography;
-Manager of a casino;
(c) Describe one Christian…

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-It fulfils the biblical ideal of a man should leave and become one flesh
-Importance of having children
-Family as a bedrock for society
(c) Describe one belief that is reflected in a Christian marriage ceremony. [3]
-The promise to be faithful `until death do us part' reflects the belief…

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-Life begins at conception therefore the destruction of an embryo right from that point is the same as killing the
foetus when it is a fully formed baby.
-The foetus only becomes a person when it is possible for it to survive outside the womb.
-Abortion therefore is acceptable as…


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