Religious Studies Christianity Ethics AQA Specification A

Brief summary of what the spec mentions. With biblical references and quotes at the end. 

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Why some Christians might accept abortion
The right to choose, women have the right to choose what happens to their body.
Unsafe abortions, if no legalised abortions, people would have backstreet abortions causing more
Mother incapable, mother is mentally/physically unable to go through pregnancy + care for child.
Mother's life, should be prioritised over baby's if her life is threatened due to pregnancy.
Mother hardship, if she's poor and lacking support, she should be treated with compassion.
Compassionate killing, if baby is disabled and won't survive long outside womb.
Freedoms of will, CHRISTIANS believe humans have free will given by God. Make their own
Alternatives to abortion
Direct social + financial support from Church community.
Teenaged mother, family difficulties, Church helps counsel parents.
Welcoming single mothers into Church life
Temporary fostering, if mother is unable to care for child at present time
Adoption, if mother can't care and love the child.
Expert pain and symptom relief is combined with all round care meeting the social, physical,
psychological and spiritual needs of patients, their family and friends.
Patients can:
o Garden
o Write
o Talk
o Have a drink
o Get hair done
People with a nearing end to life have comfortable and warm surroundings
Churches help hospices:
o Fund raising
o Sending volunteers
o Arranging visits ie. Carols at Christmas.
Hospices emphasise:
o Compassionate care with expert pain relief
o Healing (spiritually as well)
o Valuing the person and every moment of their life
People want euthanasia to prevent loss in quality of life. End up in depression.
o Person wishes to die and asks for help in doing so.
o May include having lethal injections to ensure death is quick and painless.
Non voluntary
o Person unable to express their views, ie. They're in a coma.
o Someone else has to make decision.
o When something that can be done to prolong life is not done ie. Withdrawing food.
o Something is actively done to end a life, ie injection take to stop the heart.

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Methods of punishment:
o Stops from committing more crimes
o Deterrent for more serious crimes
Poor conditioned prisons, criminals don't learn
They re-offend when released.
Crime levels still high.…read more

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Sex outside marriage where at least one couple is already married to someone else
Sign of sexual immorality, a sin.
Forbidden by bible as body is holy and it harms the body.
Sexual purity, being virgin until married.
Artificial methods used to prevent pregnancy taking place.
Artificial, act as barrier to new life ie. Condom and pill. Very reliable.
Emergency, taken 3 days after sex ie. Morning after pill. This stops a fertilised egg from sticking to
womb.…read more

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The belief that believers have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of God.
Four factors:
Destruction of natural habitats
Abuse of natural resources
Climate change
Individual response:
Use less plastic bags, avoid buying packaged products.
Loft, wall cavity insulation
Don't leave taps running, appliances on standby
Use energy efficient light bulbs
Community responses:
Buy local. Less transport from around world.…read more

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Artificial insemination:
Placing sperm into the uterus to make her pregnant without sexual intercourse.
Sperm from husband or donor, AIH or AID.
Some Christians say all forms of AI are wrong, believe that new life should be fruit of new marriage.
Church of Eng says it's ok if husband's sperm is used. AID acceptable if husband doesn't want to pass on a
genetic disorder.
IVF ­ In vitro fertilisation, scientific method of making a woman pregnant, which does not involve sex.…read more

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Marriage ­ a legal union between a man and a woman. Purpose:
Gift from god
New life into world and raise children
Love of couple, new life, and god.
Life long and faithful love.
Love each other as `christ loves the church' ­ Ephesians.
Love for one another, forgiving, healing, joyful love. Married and life and love are reciprocal.
Cohabitation ­ a couple living together and having a sexual relationship without being married to one
another.…read more

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"So God created man in his own image" ­ Genesis 1:27
"Thou shall not murder" ­ 10 commandments, exodus
"Love thy neighbour" ­ Luke 10:27
"Before I was born the lord called me" ­ Isaiah 49:1
"blessed are the merciful" ­ Matthew 5:7
"Everything is permissible ­ but not everything is constructive" ­ 1 Corinthians
"So God created man in his own image" ­ Genesis 1:27
"Before I was born the lord called me" ­ Isaiah 49:1


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