Religion in a Global context revision summary

A summery of all the points you could include in a globalisation and religion essay. Titles are bold and enlarged so that they make an ideal wall poster containing all the key ideas.

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DEVELOPMENT- religion undermines this through science +
rationality, yet Protestant work ethic can add to development.
INDIA-globalisation=economic growth+ middle class, those with
sciencey jobs supposed to drop religion first- Nanda- these are the most
religious its due to mixed emotions over new wealth, Hinduism
legitimates their position and lets them adjust to capitalism. Centre for
the Study for Developing Societies- Indians are becoming more
religious, only 5% of religiosity had declined and 30% claimed to be
more religious.
Hindu Ultra-nationalism- Hinduism has become a civil
religion- worshipping Gods is worshiping the nation, secular state now
influenced by religion, eg. Schools teach Hindu science like astrology to
predict national disasters,
Capitalism in East Asia- Singapore +Tiwan now part of
Global economy, Redding- Post Confucian values encourage hard work,
discipline, self improvement and education, had the same effect as
Protestant ethic.
Pentecostalism Latin America-Pentecostalism had
same affect as Protestant ethic, Berger- promotes economic
development and countries raise from poverty, Chile + Brazil= new
middle class, natural resources are also needed hence why south Brazil is
flourishing but North still in poverty.
Pentecostalism global- Lehmann at first it was imposed
during colonisation but now 8 mil pentecostalists in Brazil. Successful as
incorporates local beliefs, traditional symbols from cultures, validates
local beliefs but say it has more power, appeals to the poor and uses
celebrities to promote its image.

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Fundamentalism- Giddens-opposite to cosmopolitan,
reaction to globalisation and non-traditional norms like abortion, want to
return to the basics away from western influences believe in literal truth
of scripture, their view is the only true view and are intolerant of other
faiths. Eg. Iran. Bruce- only occur in countries where theres 1 religion as
there is no scope on religious texts.…read more


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