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Keywords for question A on Community Cohesion 

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Community cohesion: A common vision and shared sence of community for all groups in socity 

Disscrimination: Treating people less favourable because of their ethnicity/gender/colour/class

Ethnic minority:A member of a ethnic group which is much smaller than the minorety group

Interfaith Marrige: A marrige where the husband and wife are from different religions 

Multi-ethnic society: Many different races and cultures living together in one society 

Multi-faith society: Many different religions living together in one society 

Prejudice: Believing some people are inferior or superiour without even knowing them 

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Racial Harmoney: differnet races living together happily :) 

Racism: The belife that some races are superiour than others 

Religious freedom: The right to practice and change your religion 

Religious puralism: accepting all religions as having the right to coexist 


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Religion promoting community cohesion :)


  • Religious groups can promote what they have in common 
  • They help with interfaith marriges
  • Children will grow up learning about different religions 
  • religious groups promote community cohesion 


  • Religious groups can teach other religions wrong
  • Few belivers look at others belivers possitively 
  • Only a few religious leaders promote community cohesion 
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Religious views

Jews should teach racial harmony because we are all decendents of Adam and Eve, because humanity was created by god, because Jews have a special responsiblilty to promote racial harmony.

Chrisians believe in racial harmony because Jesus created all groups equally, they believe the good samaritain tought us to love our neighbour, The christaine church has members from lots of different races and St Peter had a vision from god to to tell him to promote racial harmony

Some people dont think religions are good at promoting racial harmony because of groups like the ku klux klan who were religious, People belive pollitics is better as the USA has a black president. People also belive passing laws is better.

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