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Relationship between; and resting values of: heart rate, stroke
volume and cardiac output.
Heart rate (HR)

The heart rate (HR) represents the number of times the heart ventricles beat in one minute.
The average resting heart rate is 70-72 beats per minute. The maximal heart rate is calculated
using the…

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160/200ml 160/200ml
trained trained
HR 70/72 bpm Up to 100/130 bpm 220- your age
Q 51/min Up to 10LITRES/min 20-40LITRES/min
Table to show summary: SV, HR and Q values related to exercise intensity.

1. Resting heart rate- the average resting heart rate is 72, but if a question describes

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6. Rapid fall in heart rate as exercise stops due to decrease in stimulation of all the
factors in 2, 3, and 4 above.

7. Slower fall in heart rate towards resting vales. HR elevation above resting values to help
repay oxygen dept (additional oxygen consumed during recovery, above that…


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