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Regular Verbs form their past participle in the
following ways:
ER RE Verbs IR Verbs
jouer vendre = vendu finir = fini
Thus, when we put it all together, we end up with sentences like:

J'ai joué au tennis. (I played tennis / have played tennis)…

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e.g. J'ai ouvert mes cadeaux après le petit déjeuner.
Nous avons fait de la natation au centre sportif.
Pierre et Paul ont lu un bon livre.

The main verbs involved here are as follows. They often come in opposites, and
there are a few irregulars to look out for:

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je suis allée (f)
Tu es allé (m)
Tu es allée (f)
Il est allé
Elle est allée
Nous sommes allés (m or mixed)
Nous sommes allées (f)
Vous êtes allé (m singular)
Vous êtes allée (f singular)
Vous êtes allés (m or mixed
Vous êtes allées (f plural)…

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Nous sommes partis à 8h30.
Vous êtes restés à la maison hier soir?
Elle est venue chez nous le weekend dernier.

Reflexive Verbs in the Perfect Tense
ALL reflexive verbs take ETRE as their auxiliary verb, and consequently their
past participle also needs to agree. The reflexive pronoun goes before…




For anyone who needs to learn or revise the Perfect Tense with Avoir and Être, this Word document will provide you with a great resource. All candidates need to be able to recognise and use this tense.



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