Recruitment and Production Methods

This is about "Recruitment and Production Methods" in Growing Businesses. I made it for my exam, hope this helps you guys.

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Recruitment and Production Methods
These are the procedures of recruitment
1. Identify the vacancy to be filled
2. Create a job description
3. Choose where to advertise
4. Write advert and advertise
5. Sift through applications
6. Call applicants for interview
7. Do interview
8. Evaluate interviews and offer job
9. Send letters to confirm appointments
10. Feedback to unsuccessful applicants
11. Give induction training
Growing businesses can also use "Head-hunters" to find recruits that are in another business, it is
usually quite expensive and only really used to "steal" recruits from and for a superior position.
Things that are included in the job description are:
Job title
Line manager
Info about the business
What they may have to do
Things that are included in the person specification are:
Past jobs
Essential qualities
Desireable qualities
Some methods of application are:
When short listing they:
Take info from reference
Take info from the application form
And compare the info with skills on job specification
To choose the applicant they want from the short list they can use:
Psychometric tests
Assessment centres
Quite cheap
May not reflect the ability at doing the job
The person may not be good at interviews
Psychometric tests
Assess the personality and characteristics if the person
Applicants may "guess" the right answer and not answer truthfully
Assessment centres
Only used for superior roles

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Production Methods
Job production
Can be used from small to large businesses
Produces one unique product at a time
Batch production
Can be used from small to large businesses
Produces lots of products that are the time and then they change and make another "batch"
Flow production
This is only really possible for large businesses as the cost of machinery, labour, resources etc.…read more


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