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  • 4.1 Recruitment
    • A firm will recruit new workers for a variety of reasons
      • A growing business
      • Replacing an employee who has left
      • New skills required in the business
      • Increased workload at the business
      • Covering positions on a temporary basis
    • The benefits or full time v part time
      • Full time benefits
        • Less spent on recruitment; less spent on training; reduced span of control; increased security for workers; employees more committed.
      • Part time benefits
        • retaining valued workers; increased flexibility; wider pool of workers; reduced absenteeism; easier to respond to change.
    • Recruitment methods
      • Internal: appointing an existing employee
        • Wider pool of workers; fresh ideas; more talent to chose from; no need to fill vacancy created through internal recruitment.
      • External: appointing an employee from outside of the business
        • lower recruitment costs; greater promotion prospects; employees know the business; abilities of workers already known to the business.
      • Personal recommendation; advertising; interviewing.
    • Remuneration
      • Money paid or benefits given to a worker in return for their services.
        • Monetary benefts
          • Pension Payments
          • Pay (wages)
          • Bonuses
        • Non-monetary benefits
          • Private health care
          • Company car
          • Discounts for buying company products
          • Sports facilities
          • Social facilities e.g. company bar


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