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Receptors, effectors and the CNS

Receptors are groups of specialised cells which can detect energy changes
in the environment and turn them into electrical impulses. Receptors are
often located in the sense organs ear, eye, skin etc with each organ
having receptors sensitive to particular kinds of stimulus.

Sense organ…

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All the electrical signals on which the nervous system depends are transmitted by
another group of specialised cells called nerve cells or neurones. There are
three different types of neurones with slightly different functions:
1. Sensory neurones carry signals from sense organs to the spinal cord
and brain

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The signals processed by the CNS can result in two different types of action.
They may be passed to the higher centres of the brain and result in a conscious
act. This is a voluntary action.
But if the safety of the organism demands a very quick response, the signals…


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