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Unit 3: The impact of the First World War on Germany

Reactions to the outbreak of the war

Reactions to the outbreak of war filled many Germans with dread; as
conflict loomed, huge demonstrations against the war were held on
the 28th and the 29th July in Berlin.
The German…

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War 1915

The new Chief Commander of the general staff in 1915 was Erich von
Falkenhayn, with the Schlieffen plan a failure it was his responsibility
to devise an alternative strategy.
The solution was to win a decisive victory on either the western or
the eastern front and a debate…

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Despite the shortage of labour, the particularly conservative nature
of pre-war German society meant that the state did not consider
using women in the armed forces and they were not conscripted.
However by the end of the war a third of the industrial workforce
was women. Women sought after these…


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