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Mark Scott 14D

"The impact of the First World War on Irish politics was the most important
reason for the outbreak of the Easter Rising of 1916." How far do you accept
this verdict? Use relevant evidence you have studied including contemporary
and later interpretations to support your answer.


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Mark Scott 14D

Kitchener's refusal to trust Irish recruits to have their own units like the UVF in the 36th
Ulster division also caused great resentment. The lack of progress in the war led to the
formation of the wartime coalition government in 1915 and this included Ulster and

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Mark Scott 14D

Planning for the rising was carried out by a small group of highly dedicated men who
managed to keep it secret from the authorities. Four of the seven signatories to the
Proclamation were distinguished writers the socalled "Revolution of Intellectuals
Pearse, Plunkett and McDonagh, from the Gaelic…

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Mark Scott 14D


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