Random Notes on the Cold War

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Rivalry between USSR and USA
Clash of civilisation
Soviets: Marxism ­ wanted to take over the world
US tried to expand its markets
US feared; soviets wanted to get rid of democratic and capitalist institutions
USSR feared; US would use money to dominate Europe and eventually destroy soviet system
Paranoia played a huge part in the making of the cold war
Cold war; could lead to the destruction of the human species ­ nuclear
After World War II; Soviets created a sphere of influence in Eastern Europe
Dominating the countries where the red army had pushed back the Nazis
Yalta conference; Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin
Potsdam conference; Truman, Atlee, Stalin
Lead to Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech in 1946 ­ `iron curtain had descended across Europe'
Cold War 1945 ­ 1990 (some say started during World War II)
Stalin's distrust of the US and Britain kept growing as they refused to invade Europe
Some say the dropping of the first atomic bomb was partially used to intimidate the Soviets
Motivated the soviets to start creating atomic bombs
Soviets; successfully tested first atomic bomb in 1949
From beginning, US had advantage; had more money, could provide Europe with protection
US had armies and one of a kind nuclear weapons, while Europe re-built after war
Soviets had to rebuild themselves, controlled by Stalin
Stalin responsible for tens of millions of deaths
Europe; first battle ground of the cold war ­ mainly Germany
Germany split into two main parts, one: soviet, second; Britain, US and France
Berlin on Soviet side also split in same way.
East Berlin; Soviet Side
West Berlin; Britain, France and US
The soviets created the Berlin Blockade; overturned by airlift in 1948
Soviets tried again in 1951 with the Berlin wall, only up for 30 years
US response to Berlin wall was containment
Containment; stopping the spread of communism by standing up to soviets
US thought they could do this through investment
Western Europe; lots of money spent re-building ($13bn) western Europe ­ Marshall Plan
Marshall Plan ­ W. Europe would spend money of US consumer goods and construction
Capitalists hoped this would stop spread of communism
The US also founded NATO as a way to `contain communism'
US also increased CIA intervention in countries falling to communism
IMPORTANT PART OF COLD WAR ­ Nuclear arms race
Soviets initially started with spies taking secrets from US
Lead to MAD, mutually assured destruction ( appropriate strategy ­ agreed on)
Enough nuclear weapons to destroy earth many times over
Close to using missiles in Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) & With Russia (1983)
MAD prevented direct conflict with missiles
Hot parts of Cold War:
Korean War (communists v capitalists)
Vietnam War (communists v capitalists)
Domino effect from paranoia ­ after China and Korea became communist
Vietnam's movement towards communism put a threat on Japan

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Japan; US had helped make into a vibrant capitalist ally
1979 ­ Soviets invaded Afghanistan
US helped the mujahidin with missiles against communism
After 10 years in Afghanistan - soviet pulled out
Some of the mujahidin became members of the Taliban using the weapons the US provided
US spent money in hope to support governments to overthrow communism
US tried to stable governments in Latin America through `containment'
This support brought on a lot of violence
Aim ­ stop countries falling to communism
Soviets used…read more


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