Race & Ethnicity in the Judiciary

I'm afraid I don't have extra info for the other branches of government, but this provides a more detailed insight into ethnic representation in US government than my standard notes (which I have also uploaded - look at my page for all my notes from every subject I took). Hope they help you!

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Ethnic Diversity in the
Judiciary…read more

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The Judiciary Is...
Unfortunately, not just the Federal Courts.
Also includes State Courts, including:
Supreme Court
Circuit Court (by far the biggest group)
District Court
Courts of Appeal (Civil and Criminal)
Appellate Court…read more

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Diversity in the USA
According to 2010 Census data:
74.8% of Americans class themselves as white
13.6% are black or African-American
1.7% are American Indian or Alaskan Natives
6.0% are Asian, Hawaiian or pacific islanders
And the remaining 7.0% are of "Some Other Race"
Overall: 25.2% of the American population belongs to one
ethnic minority group or another…read more

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Individual Ethnicities in the
In Circuit Courts (which account for the vast majority of
5.8% of judges are black/African-American
3.1% are Hispanic
0.1% are Native American in descent
1.4% are Asian or Pacific Islanders
Conclusion: all BMEs are under-represented, but especially
Native Americans ­ who have 1/17 of the representation they
should…read more

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Overall Diversity in the Judiciary
Circuit Courts boast 9768 judges, 1018 of which are from
ethnic minorities ­ which equates to 10.4% of judges
Compare: 10.4% in the judiciary with 25.2% in the overall
population ­ minorities are definitely under-represented in the
It might be worth noting that State Supreme Courts are a little
more representative of minorities (around 15%), but they are
not a particularly good sample as there are less than 350
State Supreme Court judges in total…read more


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