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How far did US society change in the 1920s?

1. What is a flapper?
A young, independent woman who rebelled against conventional dress and behaviour. She would be
young, living in the cities, wearing make-up, smoking in public and even kissing in public!

2. What is the name for America…

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15. Many Americans feared immigrants brought socialist ideas with them. What are socialist ideas?
Supporting a system where producing and distributing goods is owned and shared collectively so
therefore very different to the capitalist system in America.

16. In the early 1920s there was an anti-communist feeling in America. What…

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30. How many members did the KKK have in 1925?
5 million members

31. Why was Johnny Scopes put on trail in 1925?
Scopes was a biology teacher who taught Darwin's evolution theory but this was illegal in the state of
Tennessee who said it went against the account of…


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