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How far did US society change in the 1920s?
1. What is a flapper?
A young, independent woman who rebelled against conventional dress and behaviour. She would be
young, living in the cities, wearing make-up, smoking in public and even kissing in public!
2. What is the name for America in the 1920s when life seemed like one long party with jazz music, new
movies and new sport?
Roaring Twenties
3. When was the first `talkie' released in America?
4. How many people a week were going to the cinema in 1929?
95 million people a week
5. What did Hollywood studios do because of people being worried about the impact of the movies on
young people?
Introduced strict rules on what could and could not be shown, especially to do with sex scenes
6. What was the most popular sport for urban working classes to watch?
7. List 3 sports that were mass entertainment in the 1920s?
Baseball; boxing; golf
8. How did the new jazz music start?
It spread from the south when Black Americans migrated to the north to find jobs, bringing their music
with them
9. What consumer good encouraged jazz as a form of mass entertainment?
10. Which dance shocked the older generations?
The Charleston
11. $2 billion worth of radios were purchased in 1920. What was the figure by 1929
$600 million
12. What is an anarchist?
A person who encouraged a lack of civil order or peace
13. Why did many Americans decide they wanted to stop lots of immigration?
After WW1, there were so many immigrants that the crowded slums of the cities seemed full of people
who could speak little or no English and the war helped to increase fear and hatred of foreigners
14. What was the Johnson-Reid At of 1924
This fixed a quote (limit) of 150,000 immigrants a year. Most of them were from certain European
countries, not from Russia or Asia.

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Many Americans feared immigrants brought socialist ideas with them. What are socialist ideas?
Supporting a system where producing and distributing goods is owned and shared collectively so
therefore very different to the capitalist system in America.
16. In the early 1920s there was an anti-communist feeling in America. What was this known as?
The `Red Scare'
17. Who ordered thousands of suspected socialists to be arrested (who were often innocent but just
Attorney-General Palmer
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How many members did the KKK have in 1925?
5 million members
31. Why was Johnny Scopes put on trail in 1925?
Scopes was a biology teacher who taught Darwin's evolution theory but this was illegal in the state of
Tennessee who said it went against the account of creation from the Bible
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