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Leanne Collins…read more

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· Experimental: a prediction of the effect of an independent
variable on a dependent variable
· Null ­ that there will be no effect caused to the dependent
variable that is due to the independent
· Directional (One tailed) ­ stating that a change will occur
in a certain way e.g. will increase/will decrease
· Non-directional (Two tailed) ­ may state a change but not
how it will change…read more

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Research DESIGNS
· Independent groups ­ using different people in each
aaaaaa bbbbbb
· Matched pairs ­ different people in each groups but
matched by specific characteristics e.g. age and gender
· Repeated measures ­ using same people in each group
aaaaaa aaaaaa…read more

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· Timed - Noting down behaviours that occur at a specific
time interval e.g. every 1 minute
· Event ­ Recording every behaviour that occurs…read more

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Data types
· Qualitative ­ data that consists of `words' either verbalised
or written
· Quantitative ­ data that consists of numerical information…read more

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· Closed questions ­ questions that have limited answers
displayed such as ticking an option
· Open questions ­ questions that allow room for someone to
elaborate and explain, giving lines or a box
· Likert scale ­ a wording scale
strongly agree agree neither disagree strongly disagree
· Semantic differential scale ­ a scale with opposite words either
end and a (usually) 10 point scale between
strongly disagree 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 strongly agree…read more

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