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Psychology revision -
By georgina turner…read more

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Deviation from social norms
This is when a person does not follow the
social norms of a society and does things that
break these social norms( for example
laughing at a funeral)…read more

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Evaluation of social norms
Every society has different social norms so what
is seen as acceptable in one place may be
regarded as abnormal in another…read more

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Failure to function adequately
This is when a person is unable to carry out
everyday activities such as eating, sleeping or
socialising.…read more

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Evaluation of failure to function
Some people may be temporarily unable to
carry out an everyday activity for example if
they grieving.
Psychopaths like shipman functioned
adequately but killed 100's of people…read more

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Deviation from ideal mental health
This is when a person is not able to
1. Self actualise (reach full potential)
2. Adjust to environment
3. Have a positive self
4. Resist stress
5. Autonomy
6. Accurate perception of reality…read more

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