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Psychological Explanation.

Freud believed that schizophrenia was the result of two related
processes. These were regression to a pre ego state, as well as
attempts to establish ego control.

Freud suggested that if the world of a schizophrenic is harsh, for
example if their parents are cold and uncaring, then…

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could also cause them to continue acting in this way to conform to the
label they have been given. Scheff called this labelling theory. The
bizarre behaviour of these individuals is rewarded with attention, which
then causes their behaviour to be exaggerated in a continuous cycle,
concluding in the eventual…

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Biological factors are acknowledged in this explanation, but it says that
the condition has always existed, and is worsened by those around

When schizophrenics first experience worrying sensory experiences,
they turn to others to confirm the validity of their experiences. When the
validity of what they are experiencing is…

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the twelve months preceding relapse, rather than having a more
concentrated effect in the period just prior to the episode.

Family relationships.

Bateson's double bind theory says that children who receive
contradictory messages from their parents were more likely to develop
schizophrenia. Bateson argued that the child's ability to respond…


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