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Psychological explanations of schizophrenia

Psychological theories


Freud (1924) believed that schizophrenia was the result of two related processes, regression to a
preego state and attempts to reestablish ego control.
If the world of the schizophrenic has been particularly harsh, for example if his or her parents were
cold and…

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Expressed emotion

Another family variable associated with schizophrenia is a negative emotional climate, or more
specifically, a high degree of expressed emotions. Expressed emotion (EE) is a family
communication style that involves criticism, hostility and emotional overinvolvement. High levels
of EE are most likely to influence a relapse rates. A…

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Yollowlees et al. (2002) have developed a machine that produces virtual hallucinations, such as
hearing the TV tell you to kill yourself, or one person's face morphing into another. The intention is to
show schizophrenics that their hallucinations are not real. As yet there is no evidence that this will…

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Labelling theory

In a review of the evidence, Scheff (1974) evaluated 18 studies explicitly related to labelling theory.
He judged 13 to be consistent with the theory and 5 to be inconsistent, thus concluding that the
theory was supported by the evidence.
A study which he assessed as supporting labelling…


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