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Eliz Leyla Mani

PSYA3: Gender

Sex: biological male or female.
Gender: psychological how you feel, behave and think! (affect, behave, cognition).

Biology: MALES have LARGER sexually dimorphic nucleus in the hypothalamus than

Imperato - McGinley
Dominican Republic Study
Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) XY but brought up as a girl…

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Eliz Leyla Mani

· Difficult to validate only observed for a few hours
· More traditional parents would encourage and praise their children to take part in gender
oriented roles operant conditioning not social learning.
· Could be biological children share genes with parents. Could have high levels of

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Eliz Leyla Mani

BUT NATURE: gender bias caused by genetics, shared by all humans. EEA therefore
no major gender different due to culture because of nature.

Cognitive approach of gender - most comprehensive in explaining g.d.

Gender identity - 3yrs - able to say whether they are male/female fit's…

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Eliz Leyla Mani

5. Not valid as people may exaggerate in order to be allowed surgery.

Biological causes in the embryo
XY with too little testosterone = not okay
XX with too little oestrogen = not okay.

1. Psycho-therapy = tends not to work
2. Surgery - most effective…


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